To be married in New Hampshire…..

You and your intended (together and in person) must obtain a Certificate of Intention at a Town Clerk's office.  You must bring the following documents with you:

•  Proof of identity (valid Driver's License of other photo ID); and,
•  If applicable, proof of dissolution of previous marriages (i.e., Court-sealed Divorce Decree or Death Certificate).

NH does NOT require a blood test.  The fee for the Certificate of Intent is $45.

In a couple of days, your will need to go back (again, together) to pick up and sign the Marriage Certificate.  The Marriage Certificate is good for 90 days
anywhere in the State of New Hampshire; your ceremony does NOT need to be held in the town where the Certificate is issued.  The fee for the Marriage Certificate is $15.

On the day of the ceremony, bring the Marriage Certificate with you.  I will complete and sign it, make a copy for my records, and then either hand-deliver or send it by certified mail to the Town Clerk who issued it.  If requested, I will send you a copy for your records.  The copy has no legal relevance but you may want it as a keepsake.

In about two weeks, your Marriage License will arrive at the Town Office.  You can either pick it up in-person or, if you provide a pre-addressed postage-paid envelope in advance, have it mailed to you.

The Marriage License is the legal document declaring your marriage and is a statistic of vital record.  In the eyes of the law, it has far reaching effects on your estate and financial arrangements.   Keep it safe and securely stored.


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